plusplasticsleep sent: green, orange, black

green - about my body aka THE TMI ISSUE!

  • I have a sleep disorder for which I’ve been taking stimulants for a few years now, the alternative is napping all the time just ask my college roommates
  • possibly because of that I am apparently really sensitive to sedatives, causing me to avoid such useful things as alcohol and anti-anxiety medication
  • it is possessed of chest protrusions, thank you for that term I think, which pretty much pisses me off and they’re not even nice in any way
  • relatedly, short binders fuck up my back and long binders are apparently bruising my hipbones, out of those options the long ones are better
  • okay this is mostly a list of how my body sucks, fuck that, for example I can walk around the city all day without getting bothered, how’s that
  • I have a brown streak in one eye, which is a kind of heterochromia, something I believe that tumblr would refer to as a groovy mutation
  • there’s a lot of stuff I don’t love about my body (mainly due to being feminine) but I’m mostly sort of detached about it rather than having a lot of anxiety or dysphoria. For some reason in that area I’m pretty capable of going “wow that sucks” and still shrugging it off.
  • I still want to do some kinds of physical transition but I’ve been absurdly stalled on it. I’ve been putting off going on T for a while now due to lack of spoons for the process of getting it or dealing with people’s reactions, and I want chest surgery because I really really don’t like my chest at all but I’m…kind of afraid of surgery, whoops.

orange - about my hometown

  • we have one of the biggest malls in the state, which I think is the main feature of my town to anyone who doesn’t live there
  • the high school football team is named the Redmen, which right-thinking people have been trying to change for ages
  • the reason it has not been changed is that large parts of the town are absurdly attached to it and come to vote in elections just for the football team’s name
  • you can’t get there on the regular (i.e. cheap) T but it has a couple of commuter rail stops so that works
  • I am pretty sure its school system is not nearly as bad as I think of it as, but I have outside confirmation that its special ed department sucks, which is pretty validating
  • I don’t actually hate it as much as this blog now looks like…there are a lot of nice places to walk that aren’t as gross as walking in the city? And all that shopping is pretty useful compared to here…

black - about the person you like

  • wears a cool hat!! (this is a notable fact when it’s about people who aren’t me, not enough people wear cool hats these days…)